Softening Hardened Minwax Wood Putty

Dirt Farmer Jay shows you how to quickly and inexpensively renew dried up Minwax putty. using this tip of softening hardened Minwax wood putty, will also save on the extra expense to by a new bottle of putty to finish your next project.  This putty is a great product that comes in various colors to match the Minwax stain offerings.  Easy to use, either before finishing or as a last step to finish up small nail and staple holes for trim on cabinets and such.

It has one drawback though – it tends to become dry as you use it, both from picking up dust and sawdust on the fly, or just exposure to the air.  It will even tend to dry out being stored in it’s little screw-top jar.

DON’T THROW THE JAR OUT!  Watch this simple little trick, using a common kitchen item to renew the putty or to condition it if it’s becoming a bit dry during an extended puttying session!
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